60,000 Dormant Souls

It's all Peaceful in the Shire

I was in a small town, it was a bit drab I wondered why, I heard “60,000 dormant souls.” People deliberately go to dead zones because it’s comfortable, the vibrancy doesn’t require much of them.

But it is vital to be in a place that has a high energy, that is full of people that are aware, or you become the only resonating energy in town and everyone vamps you for your light and your brightness.

Are the shops bright and creative and interesting or are they drab, conformist and uninviting?
Are the people angry or sad or depressed as they walk about, or are they lively, friendly and communicative?

Is the place clean? Are there gangsters on the corners of the street? Do the houses look lousy, or are they painted and fresh? What about the gardens? That tells you a lot about the quality of the people. Are your neighbors a nightmare?

You need love, warmth, creativity and a society of people of like minds, seek it out if you don’t have it now. Why live in an etheric graveyard.

Sometimes “airport” can cure everything. Go to a place that is of “like mind” not a hell hole of the living dead. It is hard to find inspiration if you are surrounded by pasty-faced “sleepers”. Stuart Wilde

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