Visions for 2013

Be Prepared

Normally about this time each year I post my visions for the next year. But this year is odd, I’ve hardly seen a single vision of the future. Maybe the world will end tomorrow—just kiddin! So I’ll have to wait and see if the vision situation changes.

What I have seen is endless visions of explosions, cataclysmic explosions, not just something small blowing up in some spot. I don’t know if I’m looking at war or spontaneous combustion or both.

If the Israelis con America into a fight with Iran then oil will skyrocket but then again it might not happen.

I did see one vision of the end of the contrails. People say they are used for weather modification, but flying those planes around at tens of thousands of dollars an hour to reduce LA’s weather by one degree makes no sense.

I reckon those contrails are a form of eugenics to kill people off, the chemicals are deadly. When people find out who is doing it and why, they will seek vengeance, which is not good. I can’t say what I’ve been shown, it’s too risky. Sorry, I’m a bit of a whimp on this one for now, there are certain things I can’t talk about.

We live in the age of the great demonic possession, and a huge betrayal of humanity by the elite. I’m waiting for the fall of one particular man and then I’ll write about it all, but essentially the satanic rats in power over us are destroyed by an invisible force they can’t see, they degrade from the inside outwards. It’s way technical. I’ll have to leave it for now and come back to it*.

The best move is to embrace love and be prepared. Love Stuart Wilde

*Mathematically in fractal terms humans are inside out and upside down, so that is how the degradation of an evil human goes from inside outwards.

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