Yasser Arafat Vision

Six months before the Palestine leader Yasser Arafat died (2004), I saw a vision of him face down on the ground, I realized he was going to be murdered. People say he was poisoned by polonium, a radio active material (see Wiki below). The French are launching a murder enquiry, they will exhume Arafat’s body to test how he really died. I think my vision will prove right.

Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

From RT: http://rt.com/news/france-arafat-murder-case-761/

From Wiki : Polonium is a chemical element with the symbol Po and atomic number 84, discovered in 1898 by Marie and Pierre Curie. A rare and highly radioactive element with no stable isotopes, polonium is chemically similar to bismuth and tellurium, and it occurs in uranium ores.