World Peace is Almost Here says Harvard Professor

Is world peace possible? Ten years ago I saw a vision of a butterfly land on a tank and tip it upside down. As countries run out of money, wars will become less and less feasible. Here below is an article on the global decline of war by a Harvard professor, Steven Pinker. The main wars in the world are the Americans fighting for the Jews, there are no major wars anywhere else, but as America goes broke these wars will peter out. I can’t imagine Israel attacking Afghanistan if the US pulls out.

America has spent trillions looking after Israel, it’s been very kind to them, there is no need to continue the arrangement any further. America can gracefully bow out with no loss of face. There’s nothing in it for America, except huge debts and their children coming home in coffins.

Maybe the Israeli government will embrace peace if they realize that they have to fight on their own, and Israelis can see there is a new consciousness in the world today that they can join and thrive with. We are all one. The world needs peace to overcome its economic problems.

Once the wars end, happy, but slightly broke peaceful people, will be the new normal. Stuart Wilde (

Pinker’s article: Is World Peace Possible?

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