Warmageddon: The Half Time Show

We are in the half time show of Warmageddon. Madonna is coming on dressed in black sequins to do a sexy routine with a chop stick.

Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel went to the UN to do his sparky bomb routine. It went down with the enthusiasm offered to a pork chop at a Jewish wedding, the delegates had seen it all before.

Colin Powell had been there in 2002 talking about Iraq’s non-existent sparky bombs. The attack on Iran, which would destroy the world economically, has been put on hold while the graphics department comes up with something a bit more convincing.

Obama was re-elected, but to believe in the validity of the Presidential election in the US you are asked to accept that in 59 districts of Philadelphia, Romney did not get one single vote and that in 100 districts in Ohio, he only got 1% of the vote, but that doesn’t matter as 300,000 votes in Ohio have not been counted yet. (See link below). And the the postal votes from the US military overseas arrived too late to be included, or so it is claimed.

Missing Votes Story: http://washingtonexaminer.com/week-later-more-than-300000-ohio-votes-remain-uncounted/article/2513354#.UKUJBoVDq1s

I think it would be cheaper and simpler and more fun if the Presidents of America were appointed by a committee of three honest Rabbis, who could work it all out in their lunch hour.

Politics aside, we are in the middle period. Warmageddon has gone local for now.

Israel bombed Sudan, I feel sorry for Sudan they are so poor and helpless, and then Israel bombed Gaza, they are also very poor and helpless, then Netanyahu offered to bomb Syria, I’m not sure if they are poor and helpless or not, and there’s talk of the Jews attacking Lebanon. So from this, political pundits concluded Netanyahu wasn’t prepared to wait until after lunch.

Stuie Wilde’s now famous, so called, Rule 33 B from his adventures in 2001, states quite clearly “No fighting in the lunch hour.” It is important to have dignified rules while bringing the world to an end.

Americans have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to, and the Jews have Hanukkah, so we should be okay until the New Year. Stuart Wilde (www.stuartwilde.com)

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