Two Realities & Each Person’s Armageddon

There is a parallel universe that is opposite this world. In very simple terms there is a spirit world and then this world. People don’t realize how that other world affects us, but it does.

For example, conception comes from that other world as a spark of light, it is impossible for a titchy sperm to hit a female’s egg and make a baby. It needs the electricity of the inner worlds to help empower the start of the cell division process by which the baby will eventually emerge.

The Intriguing World of the Fractal Tubes

The forces of light fire energy and information at us that is housed in tubes that look exactly like this picture, we named that information “the fractal codes” as there are geometries and mathematics in the tubes. But, the dark forces try to break the tubes and corrupt the information. They change a 6 to a 9 and a “do” into a “don’t”.

So Armageddon is a huge war in the inner worlds and it is also a war to liberate each and every individual soul on earth. It’s a war to carry you back home to the light. You’re not on a level playing field, you need the light to help you.

In the past the celestial light didn’t have much effect here, but now the dark forces have taken so many hits, the light is coming through and I’ve seen visions of the Gods landing to help us. If you still the mind and calm your emotions, your perception grows. Eventually you figure a way out and you move more towards more light.

Khris Krepcik ( will do a lecture on the fractal codes at the Amsterdam seminar on Dec 8th and I’ll talk of how to formulate an escape from restriction on an energy level, as well as practical things to do in 3-D, and I’ll explain how the purple light will set you free. Stuart Wilde (

December 8th in Ams is getting full now. We have just 18 Mates Rates tickets and 13 VIPs tickets left, I expect them to sell out in the next few days.

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