There’s a Lot at Stake with Karma

Tony Blair colluded with George Bush, lying about weapons of mass destruction in order to attack Iraq. The whistle blower Dr. David Kelly that exposed the lie, died in very mysterious circumstances.

The famous journalist John Pilger, says one million Iraqis died, including 500,000 children. They suffered more because of a lack of medicine, food and sanitary conditions.

Karma is in a box stored behind you as a digital fractal code. Imagine it as pixels in a photograph, but very much bigger. Now, if every person who died in Iraq knew fifty other people, that totals fifty million quanta of sadness, pain, fear and desperation. Those quanta hover behind Blair as a collection of information (vast boxes), as high as the stones of the Great Pyramid.


In the past the tyrants were supported by tens of thousands of ghouls that kept them safe, for example, there are flying reptiles in the Vatican, they have wing spans of 15-20 feet and sharp claws, but once the ghouls die the tyrant is left standing bare with his or her karma all about them. Times have changed, the protection is being stripped from them.

Truth is like a golden stake hammered through the temple and possibly the heart, to bring it all to justice. All equations have to be balanced.

Blair tried to cover his back end by converting to Catholicism, the Pope baptized him, but the first law of Catholicism is “Thou Shalt Not kill.”  So it didn’t help him much.

The 7/7 bombings on the London underground was a thoroughly botched up mission, it later became apparent it was an inside job by the British secret service, and as Blair was prime minister at the time it was alleged he was involved in the murders.

Blair talks in five word bursts, which is a symptom of demonic possession, certainly you can’t murder so many people without being very deranged. I’d imagine he’d sit at supper with his wife and kids not thinking of the Iraqi children cold in their graves. But, if his children suddenly slumped dead across the table, over their lamb chops and mash he’d get it.

He’s a cruel man. This is the end. The International Criminal Court in the Hague has indicted him of war crimes, there’s a warrant out for his arrest.

Anyone for karma’s ‘stake and chips’. Once the stake arrives they’ve had their chips! Stuart Wilde (


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