The White Horse of Revelation

The White Horse in the Book of Revelation appears with a rider on its back, he has a bow; they go forth and conquer.

The White Horse in the Congress

I saw a vision of it in the US Congress, I don’t know how it might bring down the bent senators and those forces in the Congress that would harm America, but the fact I saw it was an inspiration.

I’ve written about the arrival of the Gods recently, we need them, we can’t fight back on our own. The powers against us are too many. But all is not lost, if inner world forces assist the power of our love, and the forces of democracy and peace, the dark will be crushed in the end. One or two big Gaia hits could change everything.

The Whore of Babylon, the ten-horned beast in Revelation, is usually considered to be the world’s controlling elite. If the elite were fair and just it would not matter much to ordinary people, but the Congress and the White House is so corrupted by bribes and fascist sentiments they make us ashamed, and they act to harm America.

If a force comes to redress the situation that will be a great relief to us all. I trust the celestial powers, but it is a slow-moving force so things don’t happen instantly. Stuart Wilde.

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