The Transdimensional Taxi Driver

{The arrival of initiates in critical times.}

To understand the concept of transdimensional taxi drivers, you first have to accept the idea of dimensions, and you further have to accept that it is possible for the human mind to access those dimensions. But it goes further, we now know it is possible not only to see those other worlds but to walk out of this reality and go there. The transition is partial at first but eventually it becomes total – you step across. It’s effortless.

My old teacher said that when things get critical initiates will appear to take people across, it’s like walking into an invisible Camelot that is interlaced with this reality. The difficulty people face is one of the fear of stepping into the unknown, and to that end the taxi drivers are soft, loving people that know the way, that can act to reassure others to undertake the process.

One day back in 2001 an American woman that I knew from my seminars drove a thousand miles to see me to explain her vision of the transdimensional taxi drivers. She gave me a list of people and as she read out the names I could feel an energy shift take place on my forearm, like tingling. Then she’d include some dummy names and there was no morph sensation on my arm. Now all this would not have meant much except she knew about the prophesy of the upside-down pig. It’s an icon, a small block of information in the Morph.

It says that at a certain time we will see an apparition of an upside down pig in the sky. It marks the end of an era. Strangely, the day after the lady left I saw an apparition in the sky of the pig; it was not fully upside down but say, 80% round from the right way up. I was really surprised to see it but I took it to mean that this idea of the transdimensional ones is soon to become true.

Then over the next few years as I traveled around I met people who I felt sure had the qualities to straddle two worlds. And even if they were not the ones mentioned ages ago by my teacher, I realized they could still perform a valuable function in helping others. Because beyond books and concepts and even spiritual rituals, is the real thing, that place where you have to go and look for yourself. Sometimes you need someone to be there with you when you cross as a reassurance.

The day of the taxi drivers will come, given time.

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