The Remembering

Far beyond where the last human cries out in the agony of confusion; past where the last flag falls to the ground; beyond where the carrion gather to devour the remains of ill-fated ideas — there stands the glory of The Remembering. If only it had come sooner, perhaps angels let us down, more likely the breast of humanity had to burst before we would quit and accept the truth.

It’s pointless being angry with God. He-She holds all the cards, getting God to flip them over isn’t easy.

A tramp whispered to me, “Stuie brother, double your bet sight unseen, no one’s ever done that before.”

Bingo! There it was, Ace-Queen — 21. Pay up!

“What do you want?” asked God.

“Don’t mess with me,” I says, “I just got Ace-Queen!”  Give me The Remembering and allow me to tell the others.” 

“Ok,” she says, looking down at me from a great height, “but you can only have it bit-by-bit. You’re not ready for all the knowing and anyway Ace-Queen is big time to you down there, but it’s diddly squat up here in heaven.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said “and thank you for your kind attention to this matter”.

Stuart Wilde (

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