The Moslem Redeemer–the Mahdi

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I’ve seen visions of Jesus hundreds of times, and the Golden Buddha a few times, and the Hindu Gods many times especially Hanuman, then a few weeks ago I saw the Moslem redeemer the Madhi in a vision for the first time ever. He seems to be connected io Jesus in the Moslem writings.

I’ve not seen the Jewish redeemer. I once asked a Rabbi I met on a plane if the Jewish redeemer could be a non-Jew. He said the Jewish redeemer would have to know the Jewish law and so a non-Jew could not be their redeemer. Then I asked if the Jewish redeemer could be a woman. The Rabbi got very angry and refused to answer any more of my questions. Funny eh?

Here is some information I found on the Internet about the Mahdi.

1. The Mahdi will be a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad of the line of Fatima

2. He will bear the name Muhammad

3. He will rule for either seven, nine or nineteen years.

4. His coming will be accompanied by the raising of a Black Standard (black war flag) in Khurasan (modern day Iran)

5. His coming will be accompanied by the appearance of Dajjal (the anti-Christ) in the East.

6. He will return with Jesus as a lessser prophet.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about the Mahdi:

In Islam the Mahdi or “Guided One” is the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will stay on earth seven, nine, or nineteen years (depending on the interpretation) before the coming of the day, Yaum al-Qiyamah (literally “Day of the Resurrection” or “Day of the Standing”). Muslims believe the Mahdi will rid the world of error (non-muslim thinking), injustice and tyranny alongside Jesus.The concept of Mahdi is not explicitly mentioned in the Qu’ran, but there are many hadith (traditional sayings of Muhammad) on the Mahdi.

The idea of the Mahdi has been described as important to Sufi Muslims, and a “powerful and central religious idea” for Shia Muslims who believe the Mahdi is the Twelfth Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi who will return from his present state of “hiding”. It has gained a strong hold on the imagination of many Muslims worldwide .(Wikipedia)

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