The Long Sigh

I’m often up at 3 a.m. in the night, as that is when the Hindu Gods are around, and I see visions of them in their golden, beaded headdresses. Sometimes important things happen at that special time, 3.03 a.m.

Two nights ago at that time, I heard a long sigh; it was as if the Universe heaved a sigh of disappointment. The pathos in that sound was extraordinary. The exhalation of air spoke of a thousand rivers that never reached the sea… a myriad of stars that were never born… little birds that fell out of their nests… and humans that were swept away. I was so moved, I held back my tears.

I wondered what else I might do to support Gaia better, to love her more; to be of service with greater diligence and care, to stand in the line stronger than ever, no matter what. I called out the names of all the Aluna soldiers I know that are still standing, and I called out the names of all the Gods I know of. I said a sacred prayer, and I trembled a bit. I’m not sure why. Inadequacy, I suppose.

And a white owl flew over my head and landed in a tree next to me, and I remembered a river in Africa that does run to the sea, that my father took me on. And I felt his love for me, that I was often so uncomfortable in accepting. I apologised for that lack over and over. He was a kind man. He’d understand.

Then, the next day, out of the sunset came a Solar Being that said, “Disloyalty is punishable by death.”

Eek! Serious, I thought, bloody serious.

I took it to mean that, if one betrays others, then one’s soul dies in perfidy and duplicity, because you have betrayed yourself, and the lack of integrity needed to hold the various parts of us together; drives us to degradation, a lack of wholeness, separation, isolation, and fragmentation.

It was explained that the Renewal cannot broach any evil; much is swept away BEFORE the Renewal, not only at the time of the Renewal. This early sweep is what the Seven Vials in Revelation are all about. The Renewal is spotless. Any degradation or any attempt to abduct or use other people or control them with fear or bewitchment is not allowed.

So, I asked what could be done about it, and I was told, “Remember the Israelites”.

Recently, I was on a small hill at night at 3.03 am. I called the little hill the Mount of Olives. It seemed a sweet title for such an unimportant little hill. I heard an Aluna voice say, “Will you forgive the Israelites?” I saw a vision of four Rabbis wearing blue and white shawls of some kind. They came out of a crowd of 600 people towards me, and they bowed and asked for forgiveness. I said, “Sure, fine, of course”.

I didn’t know what they thought they had done wrong, but I was happy about it, as I felt their love, and they had a warm humility in the matter and a proper contrition.

Then, I was at the Golden Buddha statue at Battersea Park, London, praying. A Hindu God came to my mind’s eye, and I heard Parvati. She is the second consort of Shiva.

She said, “These are the three deaths Mr. Wilde” —the death of the lie, the death of illusion and the physical death. I think in the olden days people could get away with hiding their shadow forever, but now with the quickening of the Morph and the approach of the Brave New World, you have to become true and real. You have to drop the illusion of your perfection, or some sort of collapse follows. So processing the lie and the illusion has been a good tactic for readers and my students, albeit it was a hard thing for us all to do. I had to do it as well, no one is exempt.

Those that didn’t manage it fell away, but lord knows it wasn’t for the want of me trying.

I have sighed the long sigh so many times; I can deeply feel the pain of humanity and the animals. It manifests as an etheric ache deep inside my bones. It’s in the core of one’s being, no pain killer can fix it. It never goes away. The pain is there twenty-four hours a day, every day, even when I sleep. I have gotten used to it, but I kind of want humanity to hurry up now.

Eddie Izzard, the comedian, was right when he said, “Cake or death.” Absolution or destruction; all other alternatives have been cancelled for a lack of interest. Thou shalt not dither. Absolution comes from your humility and being genuinely sorry for the hurt you’ve caused others and the animals.

I am not sure why I have been given the right from the Aluna to absolve people, I certainly didn’t ask for the privilege, but I have a feeling it’s going to be bloody useful. Otherwise, how on earth do people complete and escape? Plus for you to be absolved, someone has to take away your pain and make it whole in the annuls of eternity.

Maybe that is what the long sigh is, the moment when your pain finally leaves you, and only love is left behind.

We’ll sing our Redemption songs after all. Blessings-a-plenty will descend to make us whole once more. We’ll make sure of that.

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