The Irish Light

Stuart Wilde healings at Glendalough Lake, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

I’ve done 540 healings around Ireland, mostly in health food shops and organic cafes, the owners of the shops have been very kind and helpful to me. About 60 people come to each 2 hour session.

There is a light here in this land and in the people, they are very normal, warm and humble. I understand why I saw visions and was told to start in Ireland, to establish the purple light on the ground. I have a great love for this place and its people.

Those Irish that missed the healings or people who want to come again, or those that have friends and relatives in need, might consider the seminar events in Amsterdam Dec 8th & Dec 16th. The first gig (8th) has 28 Mates Rates places remaining, at Euro 150.00 and the group rate is just Euro 110.00 per person (four people). To get the mates rate you just need to join the SW-A list. (See above in the Headings, SW-A list)  you can always come off at a later date, we don’t insist you stay on it.

In Ams’ there are seminars and lectures all day from 2pm about how restriction causes disease and how to empower yourself beyond the influence of the dark forces that might be holding you back.

I so hope some of the Irish will come, I need your normality and your light. I’ve heard that the flights from Dublin are Euro 60.00 with the cheapo airlines. Pretty good eh?

Click here below for more info on the Amsterdam seminars, Khris Krepcik will be lecturing at the first one (Dec 8th) and he’ll do a private session with his Hooded Sage members.

Link to info about Amsterdam

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