The Hidden Power of Metaphysics

The hidden power of metaphysics is that it offers the story behind the story. I’m  asked sometimes what is metaphysics?  It’s the study of unseen energies and other realities. The term metaphysics is derived from the Greek Ta Meta ta Physkia which means “the books after the books on nature.” (Austin Cline,

For eons sensitives and psychics described an unseen world that they could intuit in their feelings and sometimes visions, it was a hidden world of sense perceptions. Then in 2001 it all changed for me as I experienced the morph phenomena, a process where by geometries and striations over -lay reality in a room say, the walls go soapy-looking and humans dematerialize. When the morph is strong you can see right though a brick wall to the garden beyond.

The morph opened a portal to a mirror world 18 inches away opposite us; an alternative universe vast beyond measure. The morph allowed us to see what had remained hidden for thousands of years. It gradually gave us the answers to time-old questions about life and death, dimensions, God, the flow of energy, ESP, prophesy, but most of all it gave us calm, wellbeing and good health. We started to go backwards in time to when we were younger and fitter. We slept less and ate less and we developed enormous stamina. The outcropping of that was bursts of joy, and a bliss state.

I used to do a weekend seminar called See the Morph, where I showed the participants the phenomena of dematerialization, so people could do it themselves. Sometimes we found if a person was a bit rigid or fearful they couldn’t manage it, but 90% of the people could do it the first time they tried. I’d show people the crown chakra, people can feel the chakras but they never usually see them. Seeing that was a metaphysical doorway, a big breakthrough for people.

Dematerialization is like a happy-time party piece, the real value of the morph is information. You can read a person in the street at thirty yards, you can see the destiny of the world unfolding because it pre-exists this reality in the mirror world, all of earth’s “events” are in there in a state of becoming.

To develop a metaphysical perception you have to be able to hover in trance (4-6 cycles of brain oscillation) and not fall asleep. Lay on your bed with your left arm up at the elbow and if you fall asleep your arm will fall and wake you up. Once you can hover in trance, start asking for information, ask to be shown, a system of intelligence exists to guide you. But be careful of the ghouls as they can interfere and corrupt information.

They usually track along a line of self importance, its how they attempt to control you and tow you along, so if they start to wind you up with a feigned specialness back away and stay normal.

I’ve now seen 200,000 visions that I wrote down, some days I see 200-300 a day, and I’ve seen double that 200,000 number, that I wasn’t able to write down as they were going too fast, or many I just missed documenting by falling asleep and not remembering them once I woke up.

A lot of what I’ve seen I’ve written about, there are over 1000 articles here at and then some I’ve kept private because they deal with sensitive subjects political stuff mainly.

There is a golden force on earth that has appeared through the portal that I mentioned, it will take out the systems of financial, military and political control, with a technology that is so advanced no one will be able to explain why things are going wrong.

In humans terms think of it like hacking a computer, but way more advanced. Humans are in a life force energy field (the etheric) it is easy to see with peripheral vision in a subdued light, the celestial hack are fractal codes which hack the etheric field of tyrannical individuals, and the overall etheric field of the world. So there are bits of that I have to leave out.

There is one key figure in the world that is set to fall, once he topples over I can write about it a bit more as his fall will open the way to other things. Stuart Wilde


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