The Digital Nature of Our Hidden Reality

I’ve said in the past our reality is made up of little boxes, interlaced with tubes that have geometry and mathematics flowing down them, we call those the fractal codes. Here is a Jesus statue that’s pixelated into cubes. All reality, a tree, a house, a kiss, the human eye, are encoded into little boxes, we can’t normally see, and all those boxes and the tubes I spoke of, have information and mathematical formulas in them.

I surmise, but I’m not sure, that the maths formulas in the tubes cover human “action” and the geometries like triangles, squares, circles that we see, are the formulas that deal with the “shape and form” of things.

Pixelated Jesus Statue

Here again below is the picture of the tubes that join humans and all reality together, these tubes are clear, but fractal tubes have information in them. A ewe and her lamb have the tubes, as well as humans, we usually see the tubes going from the head or chest of one person to another.

Invisible Fractal Tubes Join Us all

Here is an email from a gentleman about digital boxes he saw at a healing he attended that I did in Vancouver.

Seeing the Digital World during a Healing with SW. From Mr D.K. Vancouver, Canada

“I wish I could have passed onto Stuart what I actually experienced, while I was sitting in my chair with him behind me & his hand on my shoulder.

I have no clue what it means, but once my eyes closed and Stuart started, everything just fell away around me and there was this emptiness everywhere…… color……..a sort of colorless space, or maybe a very light, grayish light, whitish space…….and then there were like these “boxes” everywhere, which you didn’t see at first (as they made up the space) and then they moved & shifted and as they did, I felt various “whooshes” and breezes on my body, as I sat in the chair…….as these boxes moved around, every which way.

It was like a Rubik’s Cube was being moved, but it was these etheric-like multidimensional cubes all around me being shifted and moved, every which way. Can you bring any clarity to this? What may have been happening? Do you think I should pass this info onto Stuart?”

SW’s Answer: It’s a great gift to see these things, it is showing you the real world. And the reason the boxes are colorless is because this person is just at the beginning of this inner-world perception, when, later on, he is more advanced, he’ll see the boxes in purple, gold, blue, forest green and white. The whooshes were the boxes being re-set so he could evolve beyond where he found himself at the time. Call it a digital-fractal re-set, an upgrade of his mental-spiritual hard drive, his soul. Stuart Wilde

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