The Celestial Breath

Many of the people that were in my Redeemers Club (2006-2008) later developed ESP, and the power to see visions, and extraordinary abilities. Some others got the power later at the other gigs.

One ability that has fascinated me is what I call the ‘celestial breath’. When the person breathes on you, you can feel the healing deep in your bones. If you close your eyes you can often see the celestial colors, blue, gold and purple.

Wendy Datta, the horse whisperer, works on humans as well. She was in Las Vegas with me and she’ll be at both the two seminar gigs in Amsterdam, Dec 8th and 16th. She has the breath.

The Horse Whisperer, Wendy Datta (

If you have any sick animals bring them along for her to work on, and children are most welcome, no charge. I usually do the children in the breaks. All the healers, myself, Khris Krepcik, my friend the doctor with the same hands as me, Wendy–we all do the healings at the gigs for free.

The celestial breath is a great mystery. It must be an inter-dimensional thing or you would not feel it deep within your body. I know three ladies including Wendy that have the ability. Some women have a form of celestial pulse that goes out from them, it feels like their etheric life force is fluttering at great speed. I’ll write about it later. The flutter is  a form of protection and helaings that they have for themselves and their families.. Stuart Wilde.

P.S. I’ve just heard today from a lady in her 50s (Ms G.A from Western Australia), who had tumors in her lungs and was given six months to live. I worked on her three times as she was very ill, close to death. It’s all changing, the doctors are baffled. They don’t believe what they are seeing. Advanced lung cancer is not considered curable. The tumors are healing. She’s a very sweet lady, she’s going to make it. SW

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