Simple Way of Removing Pain

I said in a recent video that the Purple Light is here to absolve us of pain, it’s a form for both absolution and transcendence. I heard the spirit of Gaia in the Aluna worlds, she gave out a great long sigh, indicating the moment when our/her pain is removed by the light and we are all set free. Mr K, a war vet from America wrote about how a sharp pain he had had for two weeks was lifted from his kidney. It’s all true, that is the hard part to believe. The impossible is now declared possible as soon as you agree to it. It’s just a flip of the mind, letting go really, nothing more. Stuart Wilde

From Mr. K USA

“By the way, I got a set of his warrior cards, and thanks for the suggestion, I really love ’em. The day they arrived, I was dealing with a nasty shard of pain near the left kidney which had been going on for 2 weeks, and even my VA pain meds weren’t touching it. I slipped one of the cards over the painful area…it almost seemed like it suctioned itself to my body, because it didn’t slip or move. Within less than 20 minutes the pain had diminished like 70% – After another session the following day, that pain simply was no more, and has not returned. Impressive, but then Stuart usually is. Mr. K USA

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