Contrails & the Silent Black Planes

At night, I lie on my bed and I see visions of what to write about the next day, last night it was contrails. They are very evil. They contain aluminum, barium and other toxins. It is thought they are forms of mass poisoning linked to those people that raised the sinister Georgia Stones, which call for the reduction of the global population to 500 million.

The Sinister Georgia Stones, Elbert County, Georgia, USA.

Georgia Stones Link: The Georgia Guidestones and 2012 by

The contrails/chemtrails create upper respiratory problems in children and older people, they say it may be linked to asthma and allergies that people suffer from. It appears to be a two-part delivery system, the first part weakens people and the second part wipes people out.

Researchers say the spray is manufactured in the US and the President and the leaders of other countries where the poison is sprayed must know the whole story, and the military must be involved as I’m sure they don’t leave canisters of the goop lying about in regular airline hangers.

Someone needs to come forward and shop this lot and bring them to justice. The visions I’ve seen in the inner worlds have taught me that the evil in our leaders, who represent themselves as ‘normal”, is ghastly and devilish beyond words, these people will become the most hated men and women in history. Hitler will seem a jolly decent chap compared to them. He got the trains to run on time. Obama has never managed that with Amtrak.

Silent Black Planes

Some of the contrails are fake, they are linked to the silent black planes, which are apparitions from the UFO world, the planes don’t have engines, which is why they don’t make a noise. They are flying ghosts that look real.

I saw a contrail being laid over London, and under it in the same direction, passed a silent black plane. It looked like a small military jet, it was very low just above the roof tops. The silence was eerie.

In the house I used to own in Australia, there was a lady working in the basement in a small office, she came rushing up saying she’d could smell sulphur and that she saw a vision of a Grey and a contrail. I looked out, there was a plane passing in the distance spraying. I trained my binoculars on it and as soon as I did, the spraying stopped. So that was a fake UFO one. The devils live off the smell and the toxins of sulphur. Never go to a sulphur hot springs that’s a ghouls’ holiday camp. You’ll get sick later.

Artist's Impression of the black lines (source unknown)

And one day at Tavistock in England, I saw a contrail plane with two black straight lines going out ahead of it. It was exactly like this artist’s impression pictured here.

Planes can’t spray black material ahead of themselves, the pumps it would require would have to be massive, and a black light fired from a plane would have to be enormously powerful for one to see it in daylight. So I came to the conclusion the black lines were apparitions, like the silent black planes. The silent black helicopters are linked to cattle mutilations and the black planes are linked to the contrails.

The silent UFO triangles are like an “air show” to con people into thinking the UFOs have a higher technology. They couldn’t take the wrapper off a Cornetto ice cream that any kid of four could do.

The real contrails have a puffy look, as goop blobs hang in the air below them. See picture here. The fake ones are laid with a clean line on the underside. But be careful as the real contrails don’t emit the puffy goop blobs until a few minutes after the plane has passed.

Goop Balls under a Contrail (source:

If you see the contrails, stay indoors, don’t pass under them. And wash all your fruit and vegetables as crops are affected.

All this evil will fall eventually, a stake will be rammed through its Dracula heart. The people triumph in the end albeit in time. Stuart Wilde

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