President Kennedy Assassination Pictures

I was shown in 2009 in close up, some HD visions that played in slow motion that showed President Kennedy was shot by Governor Connally, who was sitting in front of him. In the famous Zapruder film (see below) you can see if you look carefully that Connally turns to look at Kennedy, then from clips 313 onwards we see him shoot Kennedy, the gun is in his left hand and Connally shoots round his right shoulder.

Still of film clip:  Note Connally’s elongated finger which is in the trigger guard of the gun. It’s just above the door.

Exact Clip of Connally's Shot

Close up of clip, sorry it’s a bit fuzzy but you can see the gun, Connally closes his eyes as the gun goes off.

Still of Zapruder Frame 313, the blood shoots out the front of Kennedy’s face. It looks a bit orange here sorry, I don’t know how to fix it.

Still shot of frame 313 when the shot went off

The animated gif below is of the shot that killed Kennedy. You can see as clear as day the moment when Connally fires. The reason Kennedy’s wife climbed out of the back of the car was because the shots came from the seat in front, she saw them. If Lee Harvey Oswald had shot from behind the car, as the official story says, she would have ducked down, not gone out of the back towards the gunfire. Interesting eh?

Zaparuda Film

Connally later became the Secretary of the Treasury, his signature was on dollar bills from 1971-72.

Kennedy wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve and create a new American dollar, one owned by the American people and managed by the US Government. You can’t own a Federal Reserve dollar, you can only borrow one from the Feds, and the tax payers pay interest on it while it’s in your pocket. Kennedy wanted to change that injustice and set Americans free of the mounting debt for interest payable to the Federal Reserve, which of course you know is not federal at all, it’s a private company owned by foreign powers.

This was why it is thought that Kennedy was killed, it was a hit by the powers-that-be that were close to the Federal Reserve, people who gained from the existence of the Federal Reserve dollar, who did not want a new dollar managed by a Catholic President. The stories of Cuban dissidents and so forth, were red herrings, as was the Lee Harvey Oswald myth. President Lyndon Johnson, who seceded from Kennedy, quietly dropped the idea of the new American dollar. It would take a brave man or woman to bring up the plan once more. The assassination must have created a profound fear of the Feds.

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