Perception and the Force of Will

I write books for people that are willing to change, those that will go on and on relentlessly. Millions want to sit and be a Buddhist, it pleases them and why would I argue with that?

Others want to deny the dark, it helps them feel safer I’m okay with that; still others find solace in religions and churches, that’s a good thing. And billions have no interest in spirituality they want to get laid, eat steak, and make enough money to a get a new dishwasher.

It is all to do with the force of will.

If you are prepared to risk everything you will go far if you are prepared to work tirelessly. If you are prepared to put your needs to one side, if you are willing to face the fear, then it says your will is strong, you are bound to make it in the end.

If your will is less strong you can sit down for a bit and have a little ‘think’ for ten years or so. Or, you can rock up at a temple and don the robes and feel safe and serene, nothing wrong with that.

It is all a measure of fearlessness and will.

I went so far I dematerialized and those that came with me trusted me and so they disappeared with me into another world, and we all came back. But we didn’t have an instruction book, insurance or a guarantee.

No one taught me these things or wrote about them in precise and exact terms offering methods. It was new. I was the only guarantee people had and I was the only guarantee I had. And you are the only guarantee you have.

You will go as far as your will allows and no further.

If your heart is big and your will is strong you’ll get across the ‘Great Divide’ as I call it and you will survive in silent triumph to enter a celestial world.

And if you will is less strong you will stop as so many have before you. That is okay. Your will is linked to your ability to accept the inevitable and endure.

Tolerate everything, offer your life, offer everything you have, agree to lose everything if needs be, hold on to nothing. Embrace change, yearn for it, and MARCH!

…for it is our predilection to do so is it not? We know nothing else. (sw)

© 2012 — Stuart Wilde. — All rights reserved.

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