Pedophilia Scandals Raging in the UK

Pan's People on Top of The Pops (Dee Dee Wilde is in the middle) pic:

I haven’t done a story on the pedophilia scandals in the UK, as it’s prevalent elsewhere. The British broadcasting Corporation, the government TV station, was always know as a pillar of respectabliity. It’s now up to its neck in accusations and the head of the “beeb” as it is known, has resigned. I emailed my twin sister Dee Dee, who was on the hit show Top of the Tops for 10 years, in the dance group Pan’s People, to see what she knew about the entertainer Jimmy Saviile, who has been accused of hundreds of child rape and assaults.

Jimmy Saville Accused of Pedophile Rapes

My sister said, she has been hounded for weeks by the British media looking for an inside scoop, but she doesn’t have anything to add, except to say, everyone at Top of the Pops knew what was going on. The pedo’ scandal has now jumped to Government Ministers at 10 Downing Street and the Anglican church.

‘Officers from the Sussex police serious crime directorate involved in a six-month investigation into historic allegations at the diocese of Chichester arrested the Rt Rev Peter Ball, former bishop of Lewes and later bishop of Gloucester, on Tuesday morning at his home address near Landport, Somerset’. (

It’s the human shadow coming out. Stuart Wilde (

Jimmy Saville being interviewed on TV with Pan's People


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