Israel & Russia a New Conflict

Shells Destroying Russian TV station Gaza

Sometimes when I see visions they are so outlandish and unusual I have trouble comprehending them. Six months ago I said Russia might rub out Israel and solve all the Middle East problems in one fell swoop.

The idea seemed loopy at the time. But yesterday the Israelis bombed a Russian TV station in Gaza. Not a bright move, I don’t think, and suddenly one could see the Russians possibly moving into position for the final take down. How karma works itself out is so fascinating and complex at the same time.

It is almost as if we know our karma in advance, and we deliberately create the circumstances for it to come about. So some idiot says “Let’s bomb the Russians” and all the Fat Controllers grin and bobble up and down saying “Good Idea!”

Lots of stupidity has to rule the roost so all the warmongers get done in. Weird eh? Pray for peace, even if it doesn’t work right away. Stuart Wilde

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