Infiltration of the Shadow

I wrote recently the story of how the Forces of the Goddess took three years to fight their way into this world from another dimension, and how they will now spread out to undermine the global systems of elitism, hatred and control. It is a rescue mission. In the visions we see only snippets of the battles that have ensued, but it is really fascinating.

The Forces don’t seem to tackle humans head on as yet, they come from underneath as an infiltration behind the psychology of evil. The Forces I believe, number several million but that is miniscule when you think they have to tackle the shadow inside 6.5 billion people. Each human shadow is like a mini-devil; one that has been hiding for eons. Each has to be tickled out and tricked into change, or taken to its doom.

The Forces have shown us they are beyond clever, but they are not omnipresent and they are not omnipotent either. They have to work to capture a territory, fighting the transdimensional ghouls all the way. It’s the only way they can get to humans and the human shadow. This is because vast swaths of humanity are protected by the ghouls and the shadow is well hidden. The power of the human mind is great and the forces that dominate and control this world don’t just lay down and quit.

Visualize the psychological infiltration as the act of sliding a credit card into the brain between the intellect and the subconscious mind, then tickling the shadow out of the subconscious, while the intellect can do nothing to defend it. To break down the denial and the blindness of dogma you have to rattle the personality and its intellect. The Forces have to get the global-ego to quit, so they will start to break down the illusion that it reigns supreme and that it is inviolate.

If you want to stop a mind, you have to scare it. If you pop a balloon in a confined space like an elevator, the occupants jump with fright. As they do so their brainwave patterns spike downwards from a waking oscillation of 14-22 cycles a second to a theta level of between 4-6 cycles a second. It is a reactive mechanism the brain has developed over eons. At that low brain speed you can’t activate your mind very well, it’s too dozy and spaced out by the fright. Theta is the brain level of deep trance. That is why people freeze when they are suddenly scared. They can’t trigger their muscles well and they become momentarily dysfunctional as the intellect can’t rationalize quickly at slow brain speeds. The body compensates for this by quickly releasing adrenalin.

In moments of high trauma people will say, “It was like a dream, I couldn’t believe it was happening.” What they mean is, they couldn’t understand what was happening because they momentarily lost the faculty of reason, as explained above. It’s in that moment of the popping of the balloon that the Forces of the Goddess will walk through the back door of the human mind into the subconscious, without any resistance from the ego, They will liberate the shadow so people can see it, and eventually it will be modified and/or destroyed.

The balloon popping process is close. Strange events will come to shake people’s stability. Supernatural things will appear high in the sky and at other places, things that cannot be explained by logic; our human arrogance will be deliberately rattled. We are ‘fallen angels’ that believe we are very special. We have set ourselves up as mini-gods; this is our last chance for redemption. Now we all get to go to a free seminar that explains why mistreating people and elevating your ego-personality to the status of ‘living god’, is an affront to the real thing.

The trick is to become very soft and equitable and humble, and to collapse your ivory tower voluntarily before it is collapsed for you. So you head for simplicity and balance and a gentle, uncomplicated path. And you come off an obsession with self, turning instead to helping other humans and the magnificence of nature and God. That is the safest way to go.

Thank you. Stuart Wilde.

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