How to Stop Facebook from Tracking You

Facebook is really scary, they track you after you leave their site, and it’s been reported they have installed face recognition softwear that digitalizes your image and sends it to various spy agencies, like the CIA and Israel’s Mossad.

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The violation of people’s rights is rather vile. How Mark Zuckerberg gets away with it, is not properly explained. An organization called “Defend Israel” voted him Man of the Year. I suppose providing private details on 700 million people helped in some way.People have lost billions in the shares of Zuckerberg’s Facebook because the shares collapsed over 50% after they were issued.

Facebook helps small businesses promote themselves, and the kids like it for staying in touch with their mates, so it serves a purpose.

But the way its managed is very ugly. See Link Below: How to delete Facebook. Stuart Wilde

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Here’s the link SW:  How to Stop Facebook from Tracking You 


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