How The Teddies Hit the Big Time

My Teddies are just about to hit the big time, there’s a book on offer of their adventures called, “The Teddy Dairies”.

Lambkin, who is seated to the right of the larger teddy with her hands up to her face, gets all her words mixed up. One morning, I was looking out of my room at an ornamental garden, after a cold and stormy night, I saw the sun come up and I said to the Teddies, “Praise the Lord” and Lambkin said, “Raise the Plord!” The saying has stuck, loads of people sa,y “Raise the Plord” now.

The Teddy Diaries Coming 2013 Stuart Wilde, Artist Gaby Hansen

Lambkin calls butterflies “flutterbyes” and the St. George Teddy with the chainmail and the red cross, wanders up on the roof at night waving his little sword in the air saying, “Man the battlements!”

Lambkin follows him across the wet tiles calling out behind him saying, “Ban the Mattlements!”.  None of the Teddies know what a mattlement is, but it makes them laugh none the less.

The Teddies wanted to know if they could go to Hollywood and become a children’s cartoon, I said they could but I’m not keen on show biz and Hollywood, so someone else will have to take them.

The world of the Teddies wins in the end because it’s the world of love, families, children, laughter, joy, happiness and sweetness, it’s an unstoppable golden wave,  it doesn’t fight the dark, it just flows over it to swamp it. Stuart Wilde

The Teddies & the Cat

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