Heal Instantly by Tackling Restriction in Your Life

If you topple your restriction, everyone you know is beneficially assisted, it's the domino effect

After doing almost 4000 hands-on healings I am very sure that most medical problems are not really physical, they are mostly the dark forces, pushing on you, creating pain, promoting viruses, and inflicting a hatred on us humans. Then there are DNA malfunctions and self-inflicted diseases like addictions say that are medical.

I use bird calls to evoke the purity of Gaia, then I see the purple hands come up nine times and the healing is done. Sometimes it only takes 15 seconds to bump out the ghouls and allow the person to walk free. Then they heal naturally.

After the bird calls and the hands I do some prayers to keep the ghouls at bay and to protect the person. I call upon the sacred animals, some of which only exist in the celestial worlds, like the white zebra, the pure white giraffe, the white gazelle and the snow white camel, and so forth.

Disease is a manifestation of restriction—the emotion that restriction creates, and the first restriction is the dark forces that have attacked you waking around the supermarket say. It is hard to understand the hatred, jealously and nastiness that’s floating about next to the frozen peas counter.

You have to be able to see the digital fractal codes coming off people to fully comprehend the antagonism that surrounds you. An antagonism that bathes the dark people in a slimy black sheath, it’s a vile light that they fire and promote as they walk about. It makes you itch, or you may suddenly feel sick, sometimes that black light feels like stinging nettles on your skin. I’m sure you know, more or less anyway, what I’m talking about.

A low-grade gangster came to one of my healings in Ireland this weekend. He was very scared of it, I calmed him down, he had 8 or 10 other people inside him. I asked him about his low-life mates, as they are making him very sick. He knew all about it when I pinpointed it for him.

The Wippy Van of Spiritual Liberation pic: 08.digitalbootcamp.net

I’m going to talk about the secret of the codes, restriction and how to instantly set yourself free at the seminar in Amsterdam Dec 8th and Dec 16th. Come if you can do so, it’s very important for certain people to get there, but I won’t let you down if you can’t come I’ll deal with it later.Once you are free. I’ll show you how to liberate your friends and loved ones. It’s a domino process. You are the first domino in your circle of people, and as you push against the dark, then others heal as the ghouls are liberated from them. You could get an ice cream van and play music and trot about eradicating the neighborhood of black slime, a spiritual Rotor-Rooter man/woman unclogging people’s lives for them. Everything is possible now. Stuart Wilde (www.stuartwilde.com)

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