Grand Lies, Legal Lies

Kennedy, Diana, Princess of Wales, 911, The Federal Reserve, High-speed trading, the Oklahoma Bombing, the My Lai massacre, UFOs, Voting Machines, the Moon walks, the Trojan Horse, Weapons of mass destruction – Iraq, Colin Powell’s anthrax scare, Art forgeries, Ponzi schemes, the Nightly News, GM foods, the Vatican, Bent banks, Government cover ups, Vaccinations, Fear mongering, False flag ops, United Nations, Disinformation, False witness, Gossip and so on, + one German Holocaust lie (see below after video).

How clean would we all feel if the lies came out and the people involved were all brought to book.
Lies are oppressive, they drown out the truth, and they evoke a spirit of vengeance in the citizens that have been wronged. If you don’t tell lies, even small ones, it sets you apart to evolve higher. Your soul becomes refreshed. It leaps for joy once the weight of the lies is lifted.

I never go into the Holocaust story I don’t want to upset people, they need to believe whatever they want to believe, and anyway its discussion is illegal in 19 countries.

But here is a fascinating story to tell that is legal to say. The British historian David Irving was fined the equivalent of $22,000 + legal costs for saying in an interview in a German paper that the gas chamber in Auschwitz that the tourists go round, was in fact built after the war by the Russians and Poles in 1948.

During the trial he was not allowed to call witnesses or offer documentary proof. He later sent the Germans the documents and photos that he got from the curator of the Auschwitz museum, which proved conclusively that the gas chamber was in fact built in 1948, three years after the war. Did the German government give him his money back. No.

Truth pays no refunds. Tough Titty. But…

But, as karma’s circuit breaker flips its switch, the Grand Lies come out… that’s why the pedophile arrests are hot and heavy in England now. Decades of hidden abuse against British children is gradually being exposed. The lies have to fall for the earth’s soul to be restored, for they lay over it like a sickly black cloud, dank and slimy. It’s a spiritual disease we have to suffer, which now is to be cured. If I could conclusively expose one of the Great Lies I’d choose the murder of Diana. Her death touched me, I went to her house everyday before the funeral and I laid a flower there beside the gate.

We’ll see now what happens. Stuart Wilde

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