“Gangnam Style” — 820 Million Hits

A Korean singer that calls himself Psy, short for psycho, has a video out called, “Gangnam Style” it’s got 820 million hits on You Tube, the biggest You Tube ever.

He’s in pink shorts on a deck chair with his legs apart, with what looks like a stocking down his trousers, or he might have stored his shopping down there, or possibly 52 back copies of Popular Mechanics. I can’t quite tell. Students at Eton have done a tribute video, its been viewed 2.7 million times.

It’s very interesting, I learned a lot. The world has regressed, the Neanderthals are back and doing well. They can dance now. Wiki says there are 13 moves to the Gangnam Style dance, easy to learn, its movements mimic riding a horse, you can pick it up in minutes.

One has to congratulate Psy on his mega-hit. The kids are dancing, the grown-ups are bombing each other, the working class are rioting in Walmart for a cheap iPads, the pedophiles are being rounded-up in Britian and the governments are running out of money.

Some of you dear folk are coming to the seminar/healing gigs in Amsterdam, Dec 8th and 16th, we’ll have a good time. We’ll do the Gangnam in the bar and if you are sick I’ll fix you, and teach you how to protect yourself so you stay fixed, that’s the key to everything. Beyond pain is absolution and a final transcendence. It’s not a “high ticket” concept in this world today, but there is a rarity and beauty in it, for those that come upon it by good design or chance. This is the time for you to be set free. It’s the mayhem in the world, that allows for this spiritual process to come about. When the dark comes the light gets much stronger. Stuart Wilde (www.stuartwilde.com)

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