Gaia & Her Earthquakes

Logically one might imagine earthquakes are random events, but watching visions I’ve come to wonder if Gaia (the spirit of nature), has a plan and that her plan is sometimes stymied by the dark forces.

I once got an earthquake prediction to within four hours, in the Gulf of Mexico and my friend Khris Krepcik got the Chilean earthquake (2010) also to within a few hours, of course these may be coincidences, but what if the earthquakes exist in a parallel world just before they happen here. Three other earthquake predictions of mine proved dismally inaccurate. I did see the tsunami in Indonesia, (Sunday, 26 December 2004) but I thought it would come sooner than it did,  it occurred in Sumatra and I thought it was in the north east of the US.

But are earthquakes pre-set and then does Gaia face opposition that messes her about?  It might sound mad but it’s fun to contemplate. Let’s say for example, there is a pocket of evil Gaia is trying to rub out, just as she hit two of the three biggest voodoo places in the world, both Haiti and New Orleans were rubbed out, the third place Baltimore is still in tact. So she works on her “event” and sometimes she makes it happen and other times her efforts are stymied by the ghouls who don’t want her rubbing out 300,000 black magic, voodoo practitioners.

I have been shown how Gaia is trying to reduce human consumption and the killing of animals, but there is a theme that also says she’s after pockets of evil as well. Now black magicians in Africa that hurt children would be too spread out for a Gaia hit, but what about the red light districts of major cities, or a meteor hit on Wall Street? Revelation talks about the destruction of a city while merchant ships are anchored out to sea, powerless to stop it. That is why people think it might be NY.

It may just be wistful thinking, but I see a clever pattern and a directed force, not a random one. We’ll have to see what happens, the next Gaia event must be soon, it could be today, or in six months time, there is no certain way of knowing, but in the end she’ll huff and puff and bring the house down. She is the ace up our sleeve. Stuart Wilde





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