Fascinating Photo: Blair Remembering the War Dead

Tony Blair was pictured (back row left) at the Remembrance Day parade in London recently. It is known as Poppy Day, people donate for a red paper poppy to remember the war dead. Blair colluded with George Bush to kill one million Iraqis, so he might have quite a lot of remembering to do. Bad karma. Certainly you can be sure the spirits of the war dead will remember him from the parallel universe of the spirit worlds.

Blair (back row left) Praying for the Dead He Killed. Zionist Cameron is in the Center.

Blair just made a speech agreeing with the bombing of unarmed civilians in Gaza. And Cameron (front row center) made a speech saying he’s a Zionist. Zionism as you might already know, is a war-like Jewish movement whose written stated aim is to enslave the world, by subterfuge under Jewish rule. Why Cameron would want to enslave the British under a foreign power was not explained. It’s treason. These men will become the most hated men in history, it’s time for Blair to leave the world in peace not pieces. We are done with Tony Blair. It’s over. And he can take Cameron with him.  Stuart Wilde

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