Falling Dominoes–King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Clinically Dead

I saw King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (pictured here) three times this week in visions. I didn’t know what it meant, then I read he is clinically dead on life support at a hospital in Riyadh. He wasn’t famous for being nice to people. Falling dominoes.

Then this morning I saw Bashar al-Assad of Syria, usually when I see people flick up in visions it means they are about to fall and then sometimes it takes six months. Assad is very cruel, we should have a national holiday on full pay and free cake when he falls over.

"Who me?

Bin Isa of Bahrain is on the list to topple, saw that some months ago. Maybe the Arab spring, a revolution of the commoners, will gain strength once more if the cruel sheiks and leaders fall.
Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com 

Gaia has started to 'Clean House', sweet of her!

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