Death in the Afternoon & the Fall of Spain

The Drama of Karma

Some years ago I saw a vision of Madrid, there was a thick black cloud over it that stretched 100 klms from left to right. It looked to me like the vengeance of Gaia, because of the dead bulls. Spain has collapsed economically, it will never recover.

The strange thing is that when I lived in Spain for a while, I saw that the Spanish have a lot of love for their families and their children. It’s the macho that did them in. The blood sacrifice in the bull ring was like a black sacrament of warlocks. In the end they fell. I predicted the fall of Spain here, and also the end of bullfighting. It’s disgusting, subhuman and cruel. I went to Zaragoza in northern Spain with Khris Krepcik, to penetrate the system, the bull gored the matador and then we left.

I’m very fond of the Spanish but one can’t save people from themselves. All equations must be balanced, we can only become observers of the process and be humble and learn from it. Stuart Wilde

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