Dance for Victory

V says, in V for Vendetta, “A revolution without dancing is not worth having”. So let’s dance our way to victory. Make it a discipline to dance for 30 seconds everyday, you’ll be linked into thousands of others doing the same. The light in your feet goes into the ground and destroys the ghouls below.

If a million people can dance each day for 30 seconds, if they dance in the bathroom, if they dance in the office, if they dance with their children, that is our statement, our affirmation. They can’t beat us because we’re dancing, and as we dance we call upon the joy of the Gods, we tread the ghouls down through the ground and destroy them and the pulse of our joy in dancing goes out and makes it all lighter and brighter for everyone, in ways we don’t fully understand. Your victory dance creates your victory for you.

Then if you have time learn these few notes of whistling, it bring you the celestial golden codes that I use at my healings. Stuart Wilde (

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Evey & V Dancing

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