Body Language, the Cold Cruel Types

This is What my Mother-in-Law Looked like When I Told her I Wasn't Coming for Christmas lunch

How cold and cruel can you get? I imagine this lady was on the train to Auschwitz, as the driver!

Senator Dianne Feinstein (pictured here) wants to take the guns away from the US citizens. But the guns are the only thing protecting people from the cruelty and evil of the bent senators like her, and the Israeli take over of America. The Zionists have invented the policy of arrest without trial and other fascist laws to torment America, people know that.

I feel very sad for the Jews in America as these gangsters in politics will eventually create a horrid backlash. Feinstein and the bent senators ought to come out in the alley for a fair fight, but they are cowards.

The true American revolution is yet to come. People say a civil war is on the cards, I imagine that will come about. The only question I wonder about is will the military and the police back the bent senators or the citizen’s militia?

A military coup could happen and they could arrest these people without hurting them physically, and the army could deport them to their country of origin, or a country of their choice. Paraguay maybe, there’s a lot of Nazis there.

And America could get out from under the suffocation of this cruelty and go back to the old values before the foreigners take over. Problem solved.


Don’t buy a used car from this bloke, it might blow up…






…and don’t hire this lady to babysit your kids, she might eat ya poodle…




….don’t give this one above your credit cards to go shopping with, she’s known for high spending…




and don’t bank with this man (right) unless you are thinking of taking a vow of poverty. There are snakes in darkest Africa that are scared of him….





 and don’t let this bloke run your country he’s as thick as two planks, or so they say, scary

and mind this one, he can’t get no satisfaction, your leg might go missing. I met this bloke once, he wouldn’t remember me….that’s good news…

and don’t let your daughter date this one, there is some terrible strain in the membrane that might need fixing, the next time he comes in on the reincarnational cycle for an oil change and a service…

and if this bloke is the doorman, check into another hotel. Stuart Wilde

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