“Beauty is the Antidote to Fear” Gerald Celente

I went to the Gerald Celente lecture in Dublin, he is a very entertaining  speaker. He specializes in forecasting trends in his Trends Journal. http://www.trendsresearch.com/index.ph

Gerald Celente

He showed slides of the social and political trends of this age, and at the end he showed us a photo of his offices. They were very elegant, there were so many plants, it seemed almost like a beautiful garden with desks in. He had many graceful paintings hanging on the walls, it was then he said, “Beauty is the antidote to fear”.


It touched me. He is so right. You don’t have to have money for a fancy place, there’s beauty in a rose, or a candle lit in your room at night, or an incense stick, or in the smiles on people’s faces, or watching dogs play.

If you embrace beauty it is obliged to protect you. Stuart Wilde

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