Backwards in Time

Stuart Wilde Aged 42

When I do the hands-on healing for a few hours, people look very young and bright and I also seem to go backwards in time. The helpers that travel to the gigs with me say I look 20 years younger. It seems to be a build-up, it gets more and more permanent each time. Here is a little pic of that time eons ago.

BUT ….if I ever go back to that look and I stay that way for any length of time, I’ll be over the hills and away wid myself in GLEE.

Our souls can go backwards in time, I’ve seen that before in the Aluna, we are on a Mobius strip, when you turn the corner you start moving backwards (see image below).

Now, I have to see how to make all the rest follow. If I find out I’ll share it with you, promise. (sw)

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Travelling Around the Mobius Strip




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