Arrival of the Gods

Arrival of the Gods

A week ago I sat on my bed saying to the four walls, “Hello walls, we need help, there is so much evil and so many ghouls, we are outnumbered 100 million to one”. Then I saw three amazing visions later in the week, the first one was of a sixty-foot being, he was pure white as if he was made of alabaster. I was at his feet looking up, he made a sign with his hands that I’ve seen before. It is to do with providing protection. Then I saw a god-like being travelling towards earth, like on a downward escalator. He was in disguise. He wore a brown raincoat, it was odd to see but he was very ordinary, you’d never take notice of him in a crowd. The Gods are very clever.

Then I saw a golden God by the bridge at Eton, near Windsor, England. He was coming out of the water. One day four years ago, we saw Jesus land at that same spot on the river, his cross lay on the water and then he rose up from it all dressed in white, and he showed us his hands, there were no wounds anymore. I understood that the crucifixion of Jesus by the forces of evil, would end one day. I’ve said before, people don’t know he is a very great warrior, linked to Shiva and Vishnu, the Hindu gods.

Then I saw another vision of Jesus last night and in the upper corner of my mind’s eye was a celestial light, so intense and so bright, I had to look away after a second or two. It was the brightest I’ve ever seen in over a decade of watching. Then I knew how the victory will come. I’m waiting for a key figure to fall and when he goes many will tumble.

So I wait. But it is a pleasure now the light has come. I’m looking forward to the Amsterdam gig in three weeks time, as that place (the hotel) we are going to in Ams’, is linked to the Hindu God Kalki, and I saw him last night for the first time in six months. I could see that at Ams’ something very bright will happen to take things to another level for all of us. Stuart Wilde (

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