47 States Now Want to Secede from the Union

David Martosko, who writes at the Daily Caller says, 47 states now want to secede from the Union of the United States of America, which would leave just three states in the Union. See link to his story.


Below is a video in which another journalist  talks about 30 states that want to leave and the legality of such a move. It is said 50,000 Texans have signed the petition needed for a White House response. I said in the mid 1990s that Texas would secede, in a book I wrote called “Whispering Winds of Change”.

I find this seceding issue very interesting as it displays a resistance by the people of America against the fascist White House of Obama. I’m not sure which three states are staying in the Union, but if it were Rhode Island, Colorado and Hawaii that would be neat, then we could call it, The United States of R.I.C.H. Immigrants to the US will be referred to as the “Nouveau Riche”.

The White House knew this was coming, as they got rid of the stars on the flag that represents the 50 states, and they put the Fuhrer’s face on instead. The Veterans were very angry about it.

The Fuhrer Obama is on the Flag

They were going to have Michelle Obama on the “B” side of the flag, but she was out shopping and she didn’t make it to the photo shoot. And the stock pic’ they had of her was a bit grim, it was felt that she would scare the children if she were on the flag.


Michele Obama, 1st Lady of the United States of R.I.C.H., Famous for Shopping



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