Flu Shots are a Scam & Very Dangerous

Flu Shots are Particularly Dangerous for Older People and Children

The scam about the HIN1 flu shots is very sneaky, it has been enormously exposed (See Alex Jones video below).

It causes convulsions in children and it makes people very sick. Some die. The Avian flu scam first came up when Donald Rumsfeld was the Secretary of Defense in the US. The US Government bought millions of Tami flu doses from a company that Donald Rumsfeld was the chairman of.

I spoke to a doctor in England in the NHS, who told me that Tami is ineffective for flu and utterly worthless, he doesn’t prescribe it to his patients.

Rumsfeld Claimed Flt 93 Dived Down this Little Hole in Shanksville, PA. There seems to be a bloke down the hole smoking a bong!

Rumsfeld is rather famous for telling huge lies.

He said at the time of 911 that Flight 93 was taken over by Moslem hijackers and that it crashed in this little hole in Pennsylvania leaving no debris. Later he admitted the plane had been shot down (See short video below 20 seconds). As Sec. of Defense he would have had to order its destruction.

Where the plane wreck is, and the remains of the passengers is not known. It’s very sad for the relatives of the victims of Rumsfeld’s violence. America deserves better. They ought to haul Rumsfeld in and get the truth from him. He was very keen on torture, which is illegal under the Geneva Convention. “Come in Donald your time’s up!”

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