In the Garden of Good and Good

There was a famous best seller by John Berendt, published in 1994 called, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. From Wiki it says, “The title alludes to the voodoo notion of “midnight”, the period between the time for good magic and the time for evil magic, and “the garden of good and evil,” which refers principally to Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannha. (Wiki)

The booked is based on a true story of some transvestites and the murder of a male prostiutute in Savannah.

Voodoo comes from Africa it involves blood sacrifices, killing chickens etc, and the casting of spells against people. It’s the unofficial religion of Haiti. Gaia rubbed out Haiti in 2012. 300,000 died and 300,000 were injured. The other voodoo center was New Orleans, she got that one as well with hurricane Katrina.

Voodoo uses Dolls & Effigies

Casting spells, even if it is just a teenage game that girls play to win a cute boy friend is very dangerous, it evokes the devil beings to come closer to you. They can make you depressed, almost all mental illness is a form of ghouls’ oppression, and the dark created by casting spells pulls in other dark forces, which leaves you open to disease and attack.

In the olden days the black magicians and witches got away with it, but then the light arrived and now you will see the destruction of them all as Gaia begins to wipe out evil.

I asked the beings to show me how it worked and a few days later I saw a soldier walking down an English country lane, he was not at war, nor did he have a gun. But he suddenly collapsed dead in the road, it was very sudden.

Stay in the Garden of ‘Good and Good’ and let the light empower you, if you choose the dark it’s too late for that, you’ll face a gritty end. This is the age of the fall of tyrants and voodoo and black magic is tyrannical. It seeks to harm people and control them.

The wrath of God is just Gaia balancing the books….it’s all part of the clean up, to remove the filth on earth and restore the purity. The fall of the magicians now follows relentlessly, they can run and they can hide, but they can’t get away. They are all in the same holographic field, if one goes down over here, others are degraded at some other place. Eventually they lose their power and become inert.  Stuart Wilde (


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