Why Thoughts Jump

Humans are surrounded by a force field that is sometimes called the etheric field. It goes out about 18 inches from your body, but it can spike 20-30 feet across a street say, if driven by intense emotions.

Your Etheric Field Goes about 18 Inches

The field is full of information about your feelings, your state of mind and of course your thoughts. When you pass another person there is an exchange of energy. It is usually in the form of a rolling, sinusoidal wave, but it can be a zigzag, saw tooth wave.

Each person has an etheric speed, based on their awareness, emotions, sentiments, feelings, diet, health, etc.

Energy flows downwards from a faster resonance to a slower one, it can’t flow upwards and go the other way. If the slower person gets a good enough hit on you then their energy will notch up a click or two, but they won’t usually be able to sustain it for very long, not from a chance encounter in the street say.

This explains why fear is infectious, thoughts and feelings jump. And it explains why you may feel exhausted when walking through a shopping mall, where you might have suffered a hundred energy “pulls” from others.

Go to the mall (if you have to), at times when they are the most empty. Shop at the 24 hours-a-day supermarkets late at night.

To make your energy go faster, you can meditate, fast, and stay calm and walk in the woods and touch the trees. Stay away from etheric dirt, the red-light district, porno, crack dealers, pot smokers,* angry people, and anything you see in humans that is degraded. Don’t judge it just keep away from it.

You are not on a level playing field etherically, so you must not be too harsh on yourself when you get low or your energy drops. Stuart Wilde.

P.S. I am not against pot smokers or drug takers, I’m into “live and let live,” everyone has to do what they need to do. And “If you can’t be good be careful”.

But pot opens a ferocious portal to the ghouls’ world, so you should never smoke a spliff in your own home, never ever, always go outside in the street, or in the park is better.

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