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I met a Vatican insider, he was a very refined and elegant man, who told me that he feels the pedophile abuse in the church is getting better. He talked about Father Marcel Marciel the serial pedo’ offender from Mexico, who founded the Legionnaires of Christ (see below). Merciel was a friend and confidant of Pope Paul II who defended the pedo’ rings in the Vatican, Ratzinger who later became Pope, was head of the department that protected the pedophile priests from the complaints of the parents of the abused chidren.

Serial Pedophile Offender Fr. Marciel From Mexico

Fr. Marcel Marciel had two wives, three children and seven fake passports with various indentities, his son Raul Gonzalez who was sexually abused by his father, said he thought his father worked for the CIA.

Pope Paul Giving the Papal Blessing to Fr. Marciel

Pope Paul Giving the Papal Blessing to Fr. Marciel

The Legionnaires of Christ that Fr. Marciel founded, is one of the most influential organizations in the Catholic church. It is in 30 countries. It has 158 schools, 18 universities 65,000 students, 2500 lay members, and 800 priests, five of which were recently accused of pedophilia. Reports of priests raping or abusing minors have now emerged in Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Mexico and Chile causing growing anger in a continent that is home to nearly half the world’s Catholics.

Pope Ratzinger looked into the crimes of Father Marciel and he decided not to put Marciel on trial, he was ordered to “a life of prayer and penitence,” instead. Cozy eh?

Pope Ratzinger, Patron Saint of Pedophiles

The Vatican insider told me Marciel died badly, he refused the last rites, a sacrament that is given to those that are dying.

I saw a vision two days ago of 100,000 people walking up the street in front of the Vatican, walking away from the church. I believe the scandals have only just begun and that Pope Ratzinger’s role in them have not really been discovered as yet.

And when the black magic and ritual murder of children in satanic blood sacrifices comes out, a spike will be thrust through the heart of the Catholic Frankenstein.

Certainly, the time of the Catholic Church’s pretense that they speak for God is over. The church will die in the end, and the memory of the children and the darkness the church promoted will be laid over its coffin as a black shroud from hell, tightly bound around the casket so none of the devils creep out again.

I reckon they should bulldoze the 11 acres of the Vatican City and build a plaground and a park for the kiddies to run around and play in. That would be a proper justice in a country like Italy where the powers that be have callously not cared to defend or protect their children.

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Moscow police find brothel in monastery. From The Daily Telegraph – London

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