True Reincarnation Story

Reincarnation has always baffled me. I would like to believe it, but I find it very confusing. There haven’t been enough total people on earth to make the mathematics of ‘many lives for many people’ correct. So, I just don’t know.

But my old teacher believed in reincarnation, and he once told me that I had had an incarnation in France at the time of the Cathars and the Albigensian massacres. In the 1200s, the Christians slaughtered the Gnostics Cathars, and their leader Jacques de Molay died at the stake in 1314. He was a Grand Master of the Knights Templar. I had never had any feelings about the Cathars or the persecution of the Albigensians, and I knew nothing about Jacques de Molay, so I couldn’t really relate to what my teacher had said.

Templar grand master Jacques de Molay being led to the stake

Later he told me in all seriousness that I should be careful never to go to Canton, now known as Guangzhou, Shanghai or Singapore. For some reincarnational reason, those places are very dangerous for me. I wouldn’t go Singapore anyway as it’s a truly fascist state, but I must say the idea of Shanghai has always been quite alluring, but I took my teacher’s advice and I have never been.

In the same meditation group that I was in, my teacher told a middle-aged lady called Susan, never to go to Spain, again, because of reincarnational reasons. She ignored his advice and a few months later, she went on holiday to Barcelona with her aged mother. They had just checked into their hotel room when a man walked in; he said nothing. He just stepped forward and whacked Susan’s mother in the head with a heavy club. He didn’t steal anything and there was no sexual assault. He then walked out of the room in silence, never to be seen again. The old lady was in a coma for nine months and then died.

“Shanghai, Canton, Singapore? No way Jose!”

Reincarnation? I just don’t know but my old teacher knew things, many things. He told me about Chernobyl more than a decade before the nuclear explosion happened.

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