The Word Sword

Trevor Ravenscroft who wrote the best seller, “The Spear of Destiny”, first told me about the Solar Logos, which he said was a celestial light that would land on earth to redeem us. He said the Returned Jesus was a part of that Logos.

I watched that Logos land in a series of many visions in the summer of 2011 and it was then I realized that the Returned Jesus was not any one person, rather it is the light of the Christ Consciousness that can be in tens of thousands of people.

Trevor also said the light of the Logos contained the Word Sword, which he described as a weapon of the light, because the Word Sword has the power to destroy the world’s lies and bring down what is misleading and false.

It is the light of truth.

The importance of the Word Sword is to expose the human shadow, we all possess the power of the sword if we are brave enough to stand our ground and confront the blatant lies. The Word Sword is linked to the Black Horse of Revelation, who carries the scales of justice. People that were too scared to testify against their oppressors gain the courage of the sword and they come forward.

Convicted Child Molester Gary Glitter

That’s why the pedophile scandals have come out at the BBC in London, and glam-rock star Gary Glitter, who was convicted of pedophilia in Vietnam, was picked up and arrested yesterday in London. This is the beginning.

In the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Anderson, the crowds in the street are praising and admiring the emperor’s new clothes, and it is the small child that points out that the emperor is in fact naked.

The propaganda and naked lies of modern life die once enough of us call them out. Stuart Wilde. ( © 2012 — Stuart Wilde.

Here’s another one: Thatcher Minister, Sir Peter Robinson accused of pedophilia Daily Mail London click link.–Hague-known.html — All rights reserved.

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