The Realm of the Fearless

A friend of mine saw a ghoul on an Ayahuasca journey. You see the light and the dark on Aya’, it’s part of the plant’s teaching to make you more sophisticated in your understanding.

The ghoul she saw was quite elegantly dressed in leather, but very dark and very evil. She was off to one side of him so she moved across to face him, and then she looked into his eyes to confront him and she heard herself say, “I am of the realm of the fearless” and the ghoul fell downwards and disappeared.

If you see anything creepy, or dark, or things that go bump in the night, just put your left foot forward and your fists up by your face and tell it to piss off; refuse to give one inch of ground, let your light fry them.

This always works if done forcefully. The ghouls are cowards that hide in the shadows, they never fight anyone that can actually hurt them. Stand your ground. Stuart Wilde

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