Kalki’s Birthday

Vishnu with His Cobras of Protection Carrying the Child Kalki

From Wikipedia In Hinduism, Kalki (Devanagari: कल्कि) is the tenth and final Maha Avatar (great incarnation) of Vishnu who will bring to an end the present age of darkness and destruction known as Kali Yuga. He will establish a new era based on truth, righteousness, humanism and goodness, called Satya Yuga. The name Kalki is often a metaphor for eternity or time. The origins of the name probably lie in the Sanskrit word “kalka” which refers to mud, dirt, filth, or foulness and hence denotes the “destroyer of foulness,” “destroyer of confusion,” “destroyer of darkness,” or “annihilator of ignorance.”[1] Other similar and divergent interpretations based on varying etymological derivation from Sanskrit – including one simply meaning “White Horse” – have been made.[2]

We watched in visions the most extraordinary transdimensional event, the birth of Kalki.

He came through a multi-dimensional vortex in the hallway of the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam. It was 3.03am Sunday, February 17th 2008. Attending his birth were eagle people. They look like humans with feathers. They took the child to a cave and laid him on a nest lined with white feathers. Then four white horses came into the cave to protect the child and then many sacred animals and more eagle people stood guard.

Sometime later Kalki came out of the cave, he seemed like a small boy of four years old, he rode on a white horse, his mother accompanied him on another white horse. Gathered outside the cave were 100,000 celestial beings, angels, Hindu dignitaries, sacred beings, gathered to pay homage to the child.

Then a month ago I was wondering what had happened to Kalki, and so I asked in my prayers and a white feather fell into the room beside me, drifting down from the ceiling. I put out my hand and it landed there and dematerialized. I knew all was well. While in earth terms Kalki is 4 1/2 years old, the time frames in his dimension are elongated, one year here is about seven years there. So Kalki is 32/33 years old in the world of the Hindu Gods.

Vishnu Descending on his Bird Garuda

Kalki’s time is very close, but how close I don’t know. I saw a vision of Vishnu descending from the sky to destroy the ghouls, Kalki and Vishnu are one and the same. Stuart Wilde

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