The Fifth Force, the Celestial Light


I said in relation to America, that the first force is its citizens, the second force is their Zionist controllers, the third force is the US military, the fourth force is Gaia, which of course is global, and the Fifth Force is the celestial light. It’s an inter-dimensional light but it can be felt here.

We call that force the Solar Logos. It is white, blue-white, gold or purple. I’ve seen it a thousand times or more.

The light is pure information, which is why I say it is grace.

It has vast amounts of data in it, everything we have ever discovered as humans throughout our entire history, and the story of every human that has ever lived could be contained in one small flicker of the light that might shine on a pinhead. It’s the light of a trillion universes and more.

Our earth light moves forward at 300,000 kilometers a second but its sideways motion is slow, less than 8000 hertz (oscillations) a second. The Fifth Force is a sideways light from 90 degrees to our right, the speed of its sideways oscillation is not know, but it is much, much faster than our light, so a part of the celestial light (or all of it) is moving backwards in time.

The Fifth Force is very secretive.

It’s in a fight to rescue the world from the dark forces, so it never exposes itself by offering even one quanta of extra information. But the light is aware of itself, and it is self-directing, which is not the way it is explained in books. Breathe it into your heart even if you have never seen it, it burns away your darkness and it restores your body and emotions. It becomes your protector.

The reason I said in the last article “The New World Order is Dead On Arrival” is because the light will take it out.

I saw both Michael Jackson and Gaddafi in Libya, fall to the light six months before they died here, so there is a time lag. Bit-by-bit the dark of the world is being undermined and degraded, as that is happening we see peoples’ darkness lash out and become worse for a while.

Dark people are protected and helped by the ghouls, but as the ghouls around them are degraded to an inert state, the people get scared and they act ever more strangely.

The heat of the Fifth Force is infrared as well as other parts of the light spectrum. I’ve had x-ray vision but only three times ever, and it lasted about fifteen minutes or so, that was all. The reason the hands of healers go so hot is not because their blood temperature has changed, it’s because of the infra-red component of the Fifth Force. This wasn’t known in the past.

Going backwards in time as it does, the light is at the end of time and at the beginning, the light can see how it all comes to pass, and what it sees is a divine order with all evil shed away. Stuart Wilde

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