Rome’s Radiation & The Stone Horse

We check people that come to the healings with a Geiger Counter to see if their radiation levels are high. If they are, I do an extra process on them, it only takes a minute, it seems to get the level down by up to 40%.

The ambient radiation reading in Rome was off the scale, 400% above normal or anything I have ever encountered before in other cities. I worked on a small child aged 2 1/2 that had a reading of 156. That’s unheard of. Normal is 30-40 cpms.  I wondered what makes Rome such a deadly place for radiation? The radiation tests I did in Volterra and Turin were absolutely normal.

Italy is going a bit strange, it has just jailed six scientists (geologists) for six years for man slaughter, for not not correctly predicting the exact time and place of an earthquake that occurred in L’ Aquila in central Italy. It’s impossible for science to predict an earthquake exactly, the scientists were victimized by local anger, bent judges, and the media outcry. I feel sorry for them. But you’d have more chance in the L’Aquila earthquake than you’d have walking the Roman streets with radiation up as high as it is.

Stuart Wilde& the Stone Horse in the Pub

I grew tired of it all so I went to a pub in Rome with a mate, it had a hundred statues in it including this horse. You’d never get it in the Dog & Duck. I wondered if it was going to fall over if there is an earthquake in Rome.

And I had a pic taken with a stone cardinal, he was a bit spooky but he didn’t talk much, thank God.

Stuart Wilde Praying with a Stone Cardinal

I liked the pub with the statues, there was one at the back of a madonna and two other females, that was very nice indeed, sadly I didn’t get a pic of it. I was glad I left Rome the next day, the radiation was too spooky.

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