Spielberg’s Great ET Con Trick

Steven Spielberg (Image: www.hebrewyou.com)

Steven Spielberg did the world of children and even adults a devastating harm and disservice with his ET film.

It established the misinformation that the Greys are cute creatures for children to have in one’s home as pets, and best friends. ET and dolls of the Greys are in millions of kids’ bedrooms now.

Cheesy Poster for Spielberg's Creepy film

The buggy-eyed Greys are drones manufactured in a mechanical hell world, like the mechanical world of the Squiddies in the 3rd Matrix film.

They are linked (manufactured by) the inter-dimensional reptiles, that seek to intrigue children and abduct human minds and souls into their evil agenda.

There is nothing more dangerous among all the hell world beings than the UFOs, Grey and Reptiles.

I have spent 4500 hours in trance in those hell worlds fighting, i can see them when I need to, 6 seconds after I close my eyes. Thousands of others have also seen those hell worlds, the existence of these evil beings and their abduction agenda is 100% accurate. They’re galactic scum.

If your kids have ET dolls in their bedroom get rid of them. Tell your kids the creeps have gone home, don’t mention the “back to hell” bit. Spielberg’s film grossed $790 million from his ET con job and millions of kids round the world have a blackness in their souls that Spielberg put there. Opening the door to such evil was tragic gift he gave us. rotten karma eh? Beyond creepy. Stuart Wilde.

Here in this link below is a video of child actor Henry Thomas’ screen test where in the script he is defending his right to ET as pet.

scroll down page http://uk.movies.yahoo.com/blogs/movie-editors/e-t-child-star-heartbreaking-first-audition-151322714.html

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