Most sophisticated folk understand that their life unfolds according to their actions and their feelings. But the process is poorly understood. I hope to post a series of articles here that might help you make a better success of materializing your life the way you want it to go.

There is a complicated process going on, it is the relationship between your actions, feelings and your deep inner spiritual self. Then there are the images and dreams and messages you get, which don’t always run in a linear fashion in timely order. Instead they seem to form a patchwork, sometimes remaining a mystery for ages after you have seen them.

Then of course there are the external forces affecting the way things unfold. So many amazing things happen to us—little gifts from God, and then sadly some unfortunate stuff happens that we don’t understand. Threads appear and disappear; doorways open and close faster than we have time to step through. Actions you took that seemed dismal failures in a commercial or social sense, may have a hidden meaning that you had an inkling of at the time, but you couldn’t put your finger on it. Sadly, you may have beaten yourself up unnecessarily. If you had known exactly what forces were against you, you may understand that it probably wasn’t all your fault, if at all.

There is a hidden world of transdimensional devils talking secretly to the mind of man that greatly influences how things go. I feel so sad for spiritual seekers, those who feel crushed by events. If only they knew how the odds were stacked against them; how the forces for darkness influenced people to make sure they failed.There is a spiritual plan unfolding for your life and that plan is part of a greater plan for all humanity. What side of the coin you fall, light or dark, only you can say. But we are all in church all of the time, sometimes behaving badly, sometimes behaving respectfully. Our spiritual bank statement is just about to plop through the letterbox.

I have written extensively here on this site about the descent of the 10-D morph on our 3-D world (see below), so I won’t include it in detail here, but the morph is a transdimensional world that is descending on this one. This is not a hypothetical maybe in our planet’s future; it’s already here and spreading out fast. I first saw the morph in mid-2000 with one other person. I now know 200 people who have seen it, and there must be thousands of others that I don’t know who have also seen it, but they may not as yet be able to comprehend it or explain it. The morph lights up the transdimensional worlds for everyone to see. It also lights up your soul, which is hidden away in your subconscious mind.

You need Protection.

First let me ask a question you might feel is harsh: Do you deserve protection? Are you part of the dark? Would spiritual forces here to transform the world from dark to light, be delighted to see you fall over? Would they secretly give you a little shove? Evil has been protected for thousands of years—protected by beings from an inner world where tyranny and emotional cruelty is the religion of choice. Have you ever wondered why people who are truly, deeply nasty, who are often mediocre and ill-equipped for success, suddenly rise up, as if miraculously, in their chosen field? Employees that are good and honest, and authentic, never seem to get far; and those who are covert, nasty and manipulative shoot to the top. Did that ever bother you?

If you are dark you may already have all the protection you need. The spooky question is, “But what is it that is protecting you?” The dark is promoted and cared for from within a transdimensional world that makes sure it is sustained. But that care is about to fall apart, as we speak, to use a colloquialism. If you are dark you may decide to change allegiances quickly, your lot are taking terrible casualties in the transdimensional etheric worlds that permeate this one. These worlds are not miles away in space; they extend through and are laced inside our reality. They are here.

Right now, the demonic forces are still hanging in there, desperate to sustain their control. But sooner or later, those entities will need every bit of energy to protect themselves; whereupon protecting their allies—the human ghouls on earth, will no longer be job one. Once their protection goes and the Dark Sun around our world dies, then the tyrants will be swamped. This is not a cutesy concept of the triumph of good over evil. It follows a metaphysical technology that we can’t fully write out as yet, which deals with how things collapse in on themselves. Just as material and information falling into a black hole in space is trapped by its own weight, forming an event horizon, a boundary defined by Schwarzschild’s radius (see link below for more), so dark falls into itself, unable to escape. That is the eternity in hell the Bible talks of. It’s not punishment any more than a lump of rock falling into a black hole is being punished—it’s just how darkness follows the proper laws of science.

Spiritual darkness and gravity are two forms of the same thing. That is not to say gravity is evil, but like darkness it is binding rather than liberating. Physics and metaphysics are not really two different sciences. Everything in the laws of physics and cosmology has its place in metaphysics and the transdimensional worlds, and vice versa. The collapse of a burnt-out star is part of a well-understood law. The collapse of spiritual darkness is less well-understood, but its preprogramming forms part of its inherent nature; written into the dark is the formula for its collapse—it was there at the time the universe began. At one level, the battle of light and dark is already over, nothing was left to chance. If you are evil and dark, make mayhem while your dark star lasts. If you are not dark read on, you may find what I say hopeful and liberating.

In the 80s and 90s it was fashionable to talk about earth changes, tsunamis in the Pacific, earthquakes in California etc. People wondered where to go to be safe and much was made of spiritual places like Sedona, Northern New Mexico, Mount Shasta and so on. The earth changes never happened and people came to see that the earth changes might be inner changes, whereby people’s psychology breaks down, or where crisis sweeps over parts of society in turn. That is not to say there may not be upheavals in nature, there always are, but the real ‘earth change’ is the day when humanity faces up to its darkness and its light, of course. That process has now begun.

For people to see their darkness, the shadow in the subconscious has to be let out of the bottle and expressed. I have previously talked about how the events of 911 brought out the American shadow, and how hatred and vengeance and nastiness are collectively nurtured by the media to become reasonable. Just as the National Socialists in Germany in the 30s used rallies, propaganda and the radio, to make hatred, violence and racism seem normal.

But our modern shadow process is not just an American thing, they went first, but it will ripple across the globe. When the shadow comes out of hiding it attacks, it has to, unless a person is very psychologically sophisticated. So the Hindus will fight their shadow, the Moslems, and they will point their shadowy finger at the Jews, who will return the favor and attack them, while the Indians will fight their nemesis the Pakistanis, and the western alliance against terror will attack Iraq for a bit of fun, and so forth.

The European war will be an internal one. As the economy cracks up, the white Europeans will turn on the immigrants, and the rich will blame the poor, as being too great a burden on society. Each will seek a scapegoat upon which to place his or her blame. This is the time of the Red Horse from Revelation, it’s when the shadow comes out, and each seeks to off-load it on others.

Phase one is anger and vengeance; phase two is where the shadow tries to become God, having the power of life and death over others, control, attention, and the status that comes from using fear and influence to terrorize others. It’s when insignificant people are risen up, and their lust for wealth and power is given wings. It’s the neighbor that denounces the Jewish family hiding in the cupboard sending them to their deaths. It’s the government official that storms into your place of work to seize all your assets. It’s where the petty tyrant is made to feel he or she is god-like, and important and special. Phase three is where things go mysteriousy wrong. Small set backs become big defeats and members of the Dark Sun start to turn on each other. In World War II, this shift happened when Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg tried to assassinate Hitler in July 1944 (see link below). Phase four is where the shadow and its dark empire collapse.

It is important to know the phases of the Dark Sun, so you can watch, and so you will know precisely where the shadow is on its long journey to self-destruction. To stay safe, watching the shadow—yours and that of others—is a good tactic. Meanwhile, your protection lies in nurturing the goodness within you, and by not allowing it to be polluted and carried away by the tide of public opinion and events. Hold to your spiritual ideals. Don’t let go of love’s hand or you are doomed.

If you do not you head the opposite way toward goodness, then the darkness will envelop you because it will seem exciting and you’ll fall for it. For the dark of others around you will embolden the dark within you, giving it strength and bringing it out, and you will become ever more dark. You will fall through your own Schwarzschild’s event horizon never to escape.

Next, you must look within and see what subtle feelings you have repressed. We have all suffered, either in childhood or later in life. There was injustice and theft, lies and unfairness, and then there was the emotional violence of others, as well as physical abuse. Then there was the pain and hatred you inherited from countless generations of your forebearers. No one has a clean sheet. We are victims of a silent nastiness that has been carried through thousands of years of human evolution. We are so frail and small. We are all the victims of the fear and the pain that lies deep within us. You can allow that pain out to seek its vengeance, or you can allow it out and make it part of your call for redemption, offering forgiveness to yourself and to others. If you turn and face that darkness you not only heal yourself, but you pull the string on a thousands years of programming. That trail of havoc ends with you as long as you don’t pass it onto your children.

Darkness will not be allowed to continue for much longer, but first it has to have its day. That is why in the next few years you will see all manner of darkness come flying out of the national closet. Our leaders will become ever more controlling and nasty, and less and less tolerant. The apparatus of the state will be turned against its own people. I predicted this in 1993 in “Whispering Winds of Change” (see below). Here it is. This is the final showdown where everyone has to decide which side they are on. You have to decide. I have to decide. We all do. It will be a hard decision for some to make. Often, if you go in the opposite direction to the flow of opinion, people will shun you, or vilify you by denouncing you, attacking your good name. Or you may suffer economically as employers discriminate against you. It’s a test of your faith and your resolve to hold to God and goodness and love, no matter what.

Each has to admit to their inner tyrant and make a conscious decision to walk away and turn towards the light. But denial is a powerful weapon of the ego. See if you remember this: Do you recall listening to a group of people denouncing or criticizing a person you have never met? Or perhaps you did know the person. Do you remember accepting what they said without question? Do you remember how you would not allow your mind to consider any evidence for the defense, or any mitigating circumstances? Do you remember assassinating that person in your mind ‘guilty as charged’, without ever considering their side of the story? Or, without ever questioning if what was being said was accurate and true. Perhaps you did know the truth and you could have stood for that person as a witness in their defense, but you chose to remain silent while the Nazi within you loaded them on the train to Auschwitz without mercy. Do you remember any of that?

You are looking for protection are you? Wait a minute. Doesn’t the world need to be protected from you? Okay, it might just have been a bit of malicious gossip at the office, or your acceptance without question of a lie told to you at the supermarket. But do you see your process here? Did you pretend to help people, while secretly undermining them? Were you secretly sabotaging their efforts so the blame would fall on them, and they would be degraded in the eyes of others? Did you go through a grand performance of ‘caring and sharing’, while you secretly envied and hated others? Was there a bit of jealously in there someplace? Didn’t the fact they were more creative, or more beautiful, or richer than you, piss you off? How did you square away your resentment? Have you made a great show of your honesty and how upstanding you are, when you have stolen from others, not necessarily cash and valuables, but what about their freedom, their well-being, their reputation, their right to a stress-free existence, their sense of hope, their sense of self? Aren’t you a real urban terrorist, the fascist control freak? Is it you who degrades others, bringing them down? Isn’t that terrorism and theft, if that is, what do you do?

Excuse me! We need a bit of protection over here for a Nazi camp commandant who is a control freak; they have had everyone around them shackled for decades. They like torturing people. They enjoy bringing false witness against others; they love to put on the uniform of their status and feel important. Double the guard! Keep the camp commandant safe! I don’t think so. In the past this may have been so, but now the time for the inner Nazi is all but up-—two to five years at the most.

Protection comes from real goodness and a deep inner humility. It is a gift from God, the promise of the final resurrection for the redeemed soul. The one that has seen the gates of hell and their part in it, and has walked away, back toward goodness and forgiveness. I don’t see it as a biblical thing, more a psychological, spiritual process. It’s the day you admit you are an arrogant slob and that you think you are better than everyone else. It’s where you see how mean you really are; how you sought the abundance of God and nickel and dimed everyone else. It was how you wanted freedom, while imprisoning others. It’s where you sought love, relationships and openness, while you pushed people away. Then you made the failure their fault. They weren’t good enough for you, were they? It was where you wanted acceptance while offering others the cold shoulder. It’s where you spoke of truth while accepting the false evidence of your mind without question. Do you remember any of this?

It was where you insisted on fairness while manipulating things to your advantage. It was where you complained of mistreatment while making life hell for those close to you, who did love and support you. It’s when you complained of the moral decline of society while you fed your face on the labors of others, or when you stole off your employer, or when you over-charged people who could ill afford it. Or, perhaps it was when you claimed victories in battles you were never in? When you made a great show of your contribution and selflessness, but you never really contributed at all, did you? Or perhaps it was when you pretended to protect people and you made a big show of how brave you are, and when things suddenly got tough, you ran away. Do you remember how you lied and squirmed to get out of the responsibility of it all? Any bells here? What did you do? Did you hire a lawyer to lie on your behalf, hoping the phony patina of their upstanding virtue might convert your lies into truth? Didn’t you see they were the biggest liar in the town and that for a few thousand bucks they’d load their aged relative on the train? Did it bother you how dishonest they were? Or, did you giggle at how clever you were and how you both got away with it? Do you remember any of this?

Perhaps it was when you decided you were a God and that you were special and chosen, and that your spiritual destiny was above that of the common horde. When you decided instead that you should be risen up; after all wasn’t it you who decided you were the messenger of God? Do you remember any of this?

First the bullshit of the ego, then we pass through the shadow with all its sadness and grief and scary realizations. Finally, we cross the valley of tears to redemption. Yes, there is a safe place for you, it’s pure love, it’s back in the arms of God, back to the goodness you originally came from, back to where the true silent heart dwells.

Why this time is so special could be open for discussion, but in a way it is not—it’s obvious. Something truly supernatural is happening around us and it is getting stronger everyday. As the morph drops in everyone will eventually see it, it will mirror who they are back to them and as people see that, the world as we know it will wobble. Soon you will either have to become a fully paid-up member of the Nazis and go down that road, or you will walk away saddened by it all. Up the road, you will find others who also walked away. There in the heartland, in the company of others, you will find rest and safety and you will live your life silently according to your ideals, not those of the Dark Sun and the elitism of Babylon.

Eventually, a door opens beside you and you step to a place beyond pain, beyond the dark, a place of light—it’s safe.  It is three feet to your right and up a bit. Nice.

© 2012 — Stuart Wilde. — All rights reserved.

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